Automatic Driveway Gates: 5 Important Features to Look For

Driveway gates that automatically open and close are one of the most underappreciated technological innovations in recent history. Some Australians think that it is a pointless luxury, but those people will change their mind once they have to open the gate during a storm or late at night. Getting to stay in your car will save you more than just time.

Thankfully, more people are starting to appreciate the convenience and security benefits of these gates, and they are becoming a much more common sight. However, when shopping for automated aluminium gates, Perth homeowners should know that there are some important features to look for.

1. Security keypad – It’s fine to have some manual locks for when you’re closing up for the night, but a keypad you can reach from the driver’s seat adds security without being inconvenient.

2. Safety sensors – Gates with safety sensors know when to stop to avoid hitting an unexpected obstacle. This prevents damage to the gates and injuries to anyone that might be in the way. Some manufacturers include these automatically, so ask around.

3. Strong frames – Pay close attention to the durability of the frames and support posts when shopping for a driveway gate, as these play a big role in its lifespan. Strong gates are also much more secure against forced entry.

4. Easy sliding – Unfortunately, many poor quality driveway gates are notorious for not opening and closing smoothly, and even freeze up from time to time. Only buy from reputable sources, and make sure to see the model you are buying in action first. Determine whether it opens quickly and seamlessly enough for your preferences.

5. Solar panels – This is very useful, but not really a must-have. Even though knowing that your driveway gate can work even during power outages is reassuring, most gates have some sort of override system that will allow you to manually open and close the gate.

These features significantly improve the effectiveness of your driveway gate. It’s worth the effort to look for them when shopping around.