Are Today’s Teens Sober? A Look at Alcohol Consumption Among the Youth

Underage drinking and substance abuse are two of the major problems in the U.S. Reports show alcohol is the most commonly used and abused drug among the youth. Moreover, alcohol-related incidences caused more than 4,300 annual deaths among teens. and other alcohol rehab centers in Utah continue to keep a vigilant eye on the current happenings related to alcoholism among teens. Here’s what they found:

Teenage Drinking Statistics

Based on a report by the Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System, alcohol consumption among teenagers ranged from 30.7% to 70.5%, with an average of 63.2%. A survey conducted across 31 states also shows an alarming rate when it comes to alcohol consumption. In statistics, 18.6% of students had drunk alcohol before reaching the age of 13.

In Utah, Youth Alcohol Consumption survey shows that underage drinking has been decreasing steadily over the last decade, dropping to 7% in 2013.While this number may be low at the present, concerned groups and the state government continues to push through with efforts of keeping teens from alcohol addiction.

According to reports, binge drinking is one of Utah’s problems among the youth. Survey says that 72% of high school seniors are into binge drinking, which is 17% higher than the overall figure in the U.S. This growing social issue signifies that a number of teens are at risk of alcohol dependence. Moreover, some groups are pointing binge drinking and alcoholism as a cause of delinquency, academic problems, premarital sexual relations, and violence.

Taking Action before It’s Too Late

Utah’s Department of Public Safety says educating the parents is the key to eliminating alcohol consumption among teens. Youth advocates are also starting self-help programs, support groups, and therapy as a way of reaching out to troubled teens. Some schools are also sponsoring recreational activities to divert the attention of teens from alcohol and other substances.

They say the youth is the future of the country. It’s time to act now and work hand in hand to lead the next generation towards the right path.