3 Things You Should Know About Orangeries

Traditional orangeries date as far back as the 17th century. These home extensions were used to grow citrus fruits and symbolised a family’s wealth. Popular belief states that conservatories originated from orangeries, due to their original purpose of protecting herb trees and shrubs.

Much has changed since orangeries were conceived. These luxurious home extensions feature sliding doors and elevation, bringing gardens closer to your homes. Orangeries provide additional space which overlooks beautiful sceneries of flowers and greens.

Before you consult with contractors such as Joineryforallseasons.co.uk, know the basics about these lavish spaces:

Comparing prices and gathering quotes

Admittedly, the idea of an orangery is exciting but making informed decisions is better than making rash purchases. Price plays an important role in considerations. Obtain at least 3 different quotations from contractors. Typical orangery prices play between £20,000 to £45,000.

By gathering different quotations and comparing actual designs, you make better decisions. Specialists are more than happy to entertain quotation queries.

Work only with the right builders

Similar to other building projects, hiring the right builders is vital. Protect yourself from unreliable builders by working only with certified professionals.

While it is tempting to hire cheap builders, risks are involved. Some designers offer lower rates because they use low quality materials and practice shortcuts. Doing research saves you from future regrets. Research on the material your contractor uses and make sure you know their supply source.

Taking note of all detail

Orangery specialists must have a wide understanding of architecture for the benefit of their customers. Your contractors will study the age and style of your property in choosing materials and fittings for the orangery.

Every detail requires consideration. All the little features of the orangery make or break the structure’s appearance and stability. Clarify your requirements with your designer, allowing them to work with your needs and adding creative suggestions. Also, consider the benefits of adding these lavish spaces.

Orangeries are beautiful additions to your home. Maximise the advantage of these lavish home extensions by carefully studying your considerations.