Why Maximizing LinkedIn Could Help You Land a Better-Paying Job

LinkedIn functions like the Facebook of the corporate world, with job hunters and recruiters alike finding it easier to connect with one another. Today, this social media site has evolved into a networking platform for up to 500 million professionals looking for job opportunities, whether long or short term.

If you have recently been laid off or feel that you need a career change, you may want to turn to LinkedIn for possible (and better) openings.

Surviving Joblessness

Remember that a good image is everything when trying to chase your dream job. DC Corporate Headshots and other experts noted that one way to boost your chances of landing a new opportunity involves a well-taken headshot.

If it’s relevant to your industry, some studios offer environmental portraits in D.C. or New York. Others offer studio portraits if you want them to serve multiple purposes. You not only improve your chances of being hired with a better photo, but you also outsmart your competition by being creative on how you present yourself.

Helpful Features

Whether or not you are at risk of being laid off, it’s better to prepare in case that scenario takes place. Feeling anxious to contact prospective employers while still at our present job? LinkedIn has an answer to that problem.

LinkedIn Open Candidates allows you to do such activity with some form of privacy, but be aware that this isn’t 100% confidential. It lets you tweak your profile to say that you’re open for a new opportunity, while hiding the fact from your company’s recruiters at the same time. LinkedIn Salary is another helpful feature that reduces the guesswork in determining if a potential job offers a competitive pay. LinkedIn Profinder also helps freelancers in finding short-term work with the right individuals and small businesses.

It is indeed scary to be unemployed even if we quit or lose our jobs for a variety of reasons, yet knowing how to leverage the use of LinkedIn to your advantage can help you survive until you find your next employer.