Sell More Tickets with These Creative Marketing Strategies

Increasing ticket sales is more than just about letting people know about your upcoming event. It also requires practical knowledge and an understanding of your buyers and audience. To promote your event and guarantee maximised ticket sales, you need creative and relevant marketing practices.

Event organisers and providers of numbered event tickets share content marketing tips to help you sell more tickets.

Provide Early Bird Pricing

Offer two types of ticket pricing, regular and early bird. It is also a good idea to have different types of early bird pricings to encourage people to purchase tickets before the prices increase. This lets you create a sense of urgency that will compel audience to buy sooner.

Give Reward to Past Attendees

Reach out to former attendees to increase your ticket revenue. Send them an email, reminding them of the previous event and offering discounts to your next one. This helps create a sense of exclusivity, which can convert a former attendee to a loyal one. You can also share media files and images to get them excited about the upcoming event.

Get Help from Organisations

There are many professional organisations in your industry that would be happy to promote your event. Call them, tell them about your event and provide an overview of what your event is all about to let them promote on your behalf. This will get qualified people that you wouldn’t normally attract with traditional marketing strategies.

Use Social Media

Use paid advertising options on social media to attract people in your industry. Use targeted ads to promote your event with links to your website or event registration page. It is also a good idea to implement a Facebook Call-to-Action (CTA) to engage fans and followers direct to the event page.

Think of a Creative Event Name

A creative event name can make a huge difference, as this will attract more people’s eyes. Strong branding is important in selling more event tickets. A well-designed logo and creative event name can do wonders for your event by making it easier for attendees to remember them.

Make your event stand out and maximise your tickets sales with these tips. It is also advisable to properly design your event marketing pieces to attract people’s attention and make them remember it.