Raise a Fed Flag: False Promises From SEO Companies

Many companies wanting to achieve targeted traffic to their website use the services of SEO firms. SEO and digital marketing agencies use certain techniques to enhance your capability of experiencing a better rank placement. Be wary, though. Some companies make certain claims they couldn’t deliver. Here are a few promises you should be cautious about.

Ranking on the First Page of Google

Avoid doing business with a company that promises to get you on top of search results. While there are good practices to help Google notice your site, there is no sure fire way to get on the first page immediately. Ranking is done periodically and there is no specific ingredient to speed up the process. No one can guarantee a number 1 ranking so don’t trust companies that make such claims.

See Results in Just a Week

Good SEO is a long-term process. It usually takes two to three months for an SEO company or agency to produce real ranking results, depending on a number of factors. Any company that promises big-time results in just a week might be using shady tactics that could eventually hurt your rankings . Might as well find a new SEO firm if the promises are impossible.

Google Certified Company

Google doesn’t favour anyone nor does it work directly with any SEO company. What a good SEO company can only do is keep up-to-date with the latest result and standards of Google to achieve and maintain high page rankings.

High Quality Services at Low Prices

Stay away from companies that make an offer that sounds too good to be true. SEO is a complicated and lengthy job that takes training, knowledge, and intensive work. There is no such thing as cheap and high quality SEO services.

Free Trial Services

Many companies offer free trial to attract more clients immediately. When you come across a company the offers one, be careful. Some SEO agencies offer free trials to collect valuable information on your website and emails. Talk to them and ask for a portfolio before agreeing to anything.

Always remember that SEO is a highly complex and extensive job. You have to refresh your content regularly, add inbound links frequently, and update your keyword strategy to market trends and performance metrics. Your company should know how to employ SEO and digital marketing tactics important in achieving better rankings.