The Much-Anticipated PlayStation TV: Sony Officially Announces Release Date, Prices

Tech giant Sony has finally revealed the much-awaited details about its PlayStation TV, which includes release date, price, and specs.

Big announcement

The device is now coming to the U.S., Canada, and Europe that allows gamers to play PS4 games to any television in the owner’s home.

In the US, the device will be worth $99, while in Europe it will cost 99 euros.

With PlayStation TV, gamers can access Sony’s games through Remote Play.

Little gem

PlayStation TV has been available exclusively in Japan since last year, but the company now aims to bring the device to other countries. Many industry observers seem positive about Sony’s move.

“This TV could be a proper streaming device, one that could compete well with the other ones that are out there – the Apple, Roku, even things like Amazon FireTV,” said Brian Blau, research director of consumer technology at Gartner. “It’s not the most robust streaming service and it’s not the most robust gaming device but it’s enough of both for the price.”