Motorola launches First Ad For Its Moto X

Google-owned brand Motorola has integrated the nationalistic theme of the coming 4th of July to its advertisement for the Moto X smartphone. This will be the first ad since the search engine giant put the brand on its roster of acquisitions last summer.

Brian Wallace, Motorola’s vice president for global brand and product marketing, said that what their company is doing is different, as they assemble the phone in the U.S. Wallace claimed that it is just is the right time to come up with a message like that.

The Copy

“The first smartphone designed, engineered and assembled in the USA is coming.” This is the first line on the Moto X poster. The advertisement will run as a full-page spread in the July 3 papers of different print giants that include The New York Times, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, and the Washington Post. Independent creative agency Droga5 is the brand’s new marketing and advertising arm. Digitas of French PublicisGroupe will complement the strategy of the creative agency.

No Details about Some Aspects

The company claimed on its ad that Moto X will be the first smartphone that will be designed by the user. However, Wallace refused to disclose something about which aspects of the smartphone can be personalized by users.