Location is Key: Local SEO and Important Elements at a Glance

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most effective digital marketing tools any business has at its disposal. Local SEO is a way for search engines to deliver the most relevant results via location data. This is especially relevant for small businesses looking to attract more foot traffic from customers.

In tech-savvy cities like Denver, local SEO companies help businesses by optimizing their website based on a few key factors. And while it might seem like an overwhelming idea, local SEO is actually pretty simple.

Local SEO 101

The more visible your business is on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP), the higher the chances are for someone to view your site. This is what SEO analysts call conversion rate. A high conversion rate means that your local SEO is effective. But how do you go about it?

Keywords Key to Unlocking Local SEO

Keyword research is a fundamental building block of SEO, and choosing the right keywords can make or break your site. Google uses the text and hidden code on a website to understand what it’s about. This makes choosing the right keywords all the more crucial.

Finding the right keywords takes work. Begin by asking customers, family members, and friends what keywords they usually search for and input those in Google.

You may also attain local SEO by adding geo-modifiers to your keywords. This localizes your keywords and adds more specificity to your website. The more efficient your keywords are, the better your SERP ranking will be.

Online Directories

Another great way to maximize your local SEO is by claiming your business. Most businesses are not listed in online directories like Yelp and Facebook and this causes them to lose over 90% of their business.

Claiming your business on Google My Business is also a great way to be identified online. It’s a free online resource that allows you to be identified on Google Maps.

Optimizing your website through local parameters can translate to more visibility, and in turn, more business.