Knowing When to Redesign Your Website

Just as systems need constant upgrades, websites need periodical redesigns as well. Your website should always reflect your business focus as well as the needs of your target market.

By refreshing the look and feel every so often, you make sure that you keep up with changes and make the overall user experience so much more pleasant. The problem is, how exactly do you know when it is time to redesign your website?

By consuming experienced Birmingham web designers, you may know when you need a website makeover.

User Complaint

Remember that giving optimal website browsing should always be at the forefront of web design. Pay attention to user comments regarding your website. Users would not complain unless there is something wrong with your website. A steady stream of complaints is a sure sign that it is high time to redesign your website.

Increasing Bounce Rates

Another key factor that you should keep a close eye on is bounce rate. You have to be as “sticky” as possible and make users keep coming back to your website. High bounce rates mean that your website is failing to convert users into customers.

Sliding Conversion Rates

Always keep in mind that conversion is the ultimate goal and is the reason you put up your website to begin with. Deteriorating conversion rates are unacceptable. Users should end up sharing your site and bring in business. If these things do not happen, then it is high time you give your website a redesign.

Mobile incompatibility

Users are starting to depend on their mobile devices to access the Internet. This is a trend that has been steadily increasing in recent years. Mobile devices may in fact turn out to be your bread and butter in the future. Lost conversion due to the fact that your website is not mobile friendly can be incalculable.

Putting up a website that is not conducive to optimal conversion results is a waste of time and resources. Consult only experienced web designers to make sure that you get the best, most functional web designs possible.