Japanese Technicians Redeem Country

Boeing technicians began Monday to install modification kits in fifty of the company’s 787 Dreamliner jets. The kits would reduce risk of overheating in the planes’ lithium-ion batteries. The planes have been down for three months, since two of them erupted in smoke and fire in January with unknown cause.

Nippon Airways and Japan Air Lines are the biggest operators of the Dreamliner. Boeing would deploy around three-hundred technicians to Air India, Ethiopian Airlines, LAN Airlines of Chile, LOT of Poland, Qatar Airways and United Airlines of the United States to retrofit the fleet of 787s.

Each modification kit should take about five days to install. Given its effect on the Japanese airlines, business industry, and dignity, Boeing is highly motivated to get the planes flying there as soon as possible.

Will all the planes fly before Japan loses its global credibility? Read more from Nicola Clark of The New York Times.