For Your PPC Campaign to Work, DON’T Do Any of These

It’s highly targeted and trackable — yes, it’s PPC or Pay-per-Click, and it is among the top online advertising options available today. While PPC may seem like a big gamble for some, when done right, you’ll reap excellent benefits. Here are 6 PPC DON’Ts you should watch out for:

1. DON’T select your keyword according to its search volume

For starters, keywords with high search volumes equal more competition and advertisers which you may not or may not be ready for. Also, you should factor in a keyword’s relevance with your target customer in mind. It may be searched a bazillion times, but it won’t matter if your intended customers are not searching for it.

2. DON’T choose generic keywords

Otherwise, you’ll be spending more for a costly PPC strategy that attracts a meager amount of targeted conversion and traffic. With proper PPC management, utilizing similar keywords or phrases considerably aid in reaching out to your target customers and improved results.

3. DON’T undervalue negative keywords

While negative keywords and phrases can seem indirectly related to what you’re attempting to advertise, these can actually produce ad impressions from users having less than positive opportunities for clickthroughs.

4. DON’T underestimate your landing pages

Your PPC strategy must directly be connected to your landing page since it’s through these pages that conversion will highly likely take place. You should optimize your landing pages and ensure that they’re properly designed to draw relevant target traffic to get a clearer idea of your products and services.

5. DON’T just direct traffic to your homepage

Direct target traffic from your ads to a web page or landing page that will give them an option of things they can do—think conversion.

6. DON’T just sit there and let PPC do all the work for you

Proper PPC management and campaigns will garner the best results when monitored closely. This is because the feedback you’ll get from meticulous tracking will significantly aid you in optimizing and improving your ads for more superior results.

While PPC is an economical and helpful online advertising option, its ultimate success is highly dependent on performing best practices and doing away with these DON’Ts.