Creative Marketing 101: How to Boost Your Online Presence

Have you ever felt like you are faced with a blank wall, trying to whack your head for ideas to boost your marketing strategies? No matter how hard you try, you just wind up with old strategies that do not work anymore.

If you are the type who is not yet keen on employing online marketing tactics, then you can gradually combine traditional print with online trends. A Melbourne PR company may help you achieve a better status in the business world.

Twitter for Business Cards

Twitter is known for its unique style of marketing using the fewest words possible. It is also a good platform to advertise brands and products. But, did you know that you can give your business cards a “Twitter” look? It is cool, innovative and quirky. It would surely captivate your potential customers. Ask your marketing agency about it.


Using hashtags (keywords preceded by the number sign) not only suggest that you know how to be trendy, but it can likewise help customers find your brand’s social media page. If you own a laundry soap product, the hashtags #WhiteShirtNOW or #StainGoAway would attract the customer’s attention. The hashtags are likewise easy to remember. As such, marketing becomes more convenient.

Video Contests

Hosting video contests can be fun and creative. It makes potential customers harness their skills in gadgets and multimedia, and make content and landing pages more appealing.

Promoting Customer Reviews on Facebook and Instagram

A trending strategy in marketing now is posting your latest customer reviews on Facebook and Instagram. Just take a good photo of the product and share the review to your followers. Not only does this create brand awareness, it also serves as a way of saying “thank you” and appreciating your customer’s feedback. You could get help from a PR and marketing company for other ways to increase your activity on social media.

The key to effective marketing is building your following through online and offline means, and merging traditional and trending strategies. Social media platforms are still effective at keeping your customers updated about your products and services. Work with a reliable agency that will guide you through all the processes involved.