Content that Converts: Improving Lead Generation from Your Blogs

Whenever experts, industry leaders, and search engines talk about SEO, content always takes center stage. Everybody’s been saying over and over that the best way to boost rankings is to generate quality content. The content you roll out will generate shares, retweets, +1s, and more importantly, loyal visitors. It’ll generate backlinks and engage your customers. As such, looking for professional SEO services for your business should also focus on how well they can write quality content.

People across the globe churn out content like crazy, but there’s one thing marketers often overlook: generating actual leads from the blogs and articles they write. The whole point to writing content for marketing purposes is to generate leads, and forgetting to do so means you may be wasting time and effort. Generating leads through your blogs should then be something you need to focus on, and here’s how.

Write Useful Content

Most marketing content isn’t useful at all. Most of it, in fact, you probably think is just spam, self-serving, or too generic to be useful. You probably have a list of your go-to blogs and websites because these produce quality content consistently. Being like them should be your goal.

As content marketing professional Jeff Molander puts it, “Content that creates leads is content that fosters confidence in buyers… In other words, the difference between content that converts (and all the other crap out there) is the ability to give prospects a ‘taste’ of actual success. “

Write a Lot of Useful Content

Writing a blog once a week is good, writing 2-3 per week is great, but writing more than that is better. The more articles and topics you cover, the more readers you’ll be targeting. Organic SEO services for your business will get people to your blog and help generate leads from your content, but to do that, you have to write regularly. You want to be writing fresh content, though, and not spamming your blogs.

Keep up the Writing for Months

Writing blogs and other content to generate leads is a marathon, not a 100-meter dash. It’ll take time, a lot of patience, creativity, and someone who can write well and quickly. There’s no instant way of generating leads; it all takes time. Slow and steady wins the race, as they say.

If you do your content marketing properly and with enough time, you’ll start to notice several phone calls generated by your blog. Soon enough, you’ll be able to monitor traffic, leads, and eventually, get customers, all thanks to your blog and other quality content. Just be patient.