How Broken, Dead Links Affect SEO

It is common knowledge that bad links are a no-no when it comes to websites. In the constant chase to move atop the SEO rankings, bad links are something that you can’t afford to have.

While some may argue that dead or broken links only affect user experience, and not the site’s ranking itself, the truth is that with search engines constantly updating their algorithms, this is already a settled matter. The overall user experience plays an important role in site rankings: if you want your site to be as visible as it can be, you need to deal with dead links swiftly.

Broken Links Turn Users Away

There are few things more annoying to users than broken links. Clicking on them with anticipation of obtaining the necessary information only to get an error message instead is a surefire way for your website to lose their precious business elsewhere. Make it a point to conduct regular back link cleanups.

While back link cleanup can be an extremely tedious task, making use of a link disavow service can weed out harmful links and keep you on pace with the constant SEO updates.

Google Looks Down Upon Dead Links

If there is one search engine that you want to impress, it is Google. On that note, it is important to consider that Google places a high premium on the overall user experience. As dead links contradict this, Google will penalize your site. Breathe new life into dead links as quickly as you can.

Additionally, it is also important to realize that one of the many ways in which search engines rank sites is through link crawling. When search engine spiders chance upon dead links, it can stop them from crawling, and subsequently indexing it. Broken links lower your search engine rankings and when you aren’t in the top ten of search results, you might as well fold.

Link cleaning is an affordable method of solving the costly problems that dead links bring to the table. It is both a quick and easy solution. When you remove all existing toxic back links, you will be able to rank again and your business will thrive.