BMW Launches i3 Electric Car

BMW introduced its new i3 electric car that uses carbon-fiber materials to keep the weight down and boost driving performance. The car company ishoping it would become the industry benchmark.

First mass-production electric car

CEO Norbert Reithofer explained at a New York introducing that the car was designed to be electric from the ground up. The i3 is “born electric,” he said.

Designed as a compact city car, the company says the i3, built in Leipzig, Germany, will go from zero to 62 mph in 7.2 seconds. Its range is built as 80-100 miles per charge similar to other electric cars.

Models fitted with an optional two-cylinder range extending gas engine and 2.4-liter fuel tank can go up to 180 miles.

i3: BMW’s ultimate electric driving machine

The car will have an eco mode that will extend range a bit at the expense of performance.

As it’s a BMW, they’re not sure anyone will want to forego its full potential.

The company said with a 220-volt charger, it can get a full load in around three hours.

Coming to the U.S. market next spring, the i3 car will be at $41,350, or $45, 200 for the version with the reserve gas engine, plus destination charges.