Bing Optimization: Is the Time Ripe to Do It?

Google is synonymous with SEO, and there’s a reason for that—it leads the digital world in search, mobile devices, and web browsers. If you’d do online marketing and spend a handsome amount, focusing your resources on the company that makes the world go round is common sense.

Its meteoric rise to power is phenomenal; its numbers when it comes to the market share in all departments are unmatched without a doubt. Google’s feats are so impressive, that most marketers and site owners have totally forgotten that SEO’s not a monopoly.

There’s also Bing.

Bing optimization is hardly talked about by industry authority sites because, maybe, they feel it’s not that worth of the web space compared with the latest on Google legal battle with the Europeans. Nevertheless, the site says a company’s SEO services should make room for Bing. There are two eye-opening reasons you need to free up some funds for this search engine.

Steady & Consistent Growth

comScore’s March 2015 statistics show that Bing controls 20.1% of the American desktop search market. Match it to Google’s staggering 64.4%, the Microsoft-owned company’s portion of the pie is suddenly not that remarkable anymore. But Bing’s figures improved by 0.3% from February, while the leader dipped by 0.1%. This progress is not a fluke either; the second-ranked search engine has doubled its market share since 2009.

Don’t forget about Yahoo! too. It is powered by Bing and currently owns 12.7% of the market. Altogether, that’s 32.8%—a significant percentage that could either mean considerable profits or substantial business loss.

Partnership with Other Giants

If Google itself is a digital empire, Bing has a tech powerhouse on its side. It has an affiliation with Facebook where it answers the query if the world’s leading social network doesn’t know the answer.

Yahoo! was recently crowned as Mozilla’s new default search engine—replacing Google—and is a strong contender to Apple’s should the maker of iPhone and iPad ditches the creator of Android.

Whether to optimize for Bing or not is a question of location; if you’re in the US, then doing so makes a lot of sense. Spending on marketing other than Google is a bit dicey, but the universe rewards risk-takers. If your gut tells you to, then it’s probably right.