Affordable Ways for Your Start-Up to Gain Exposure

You are probably feeling excited now that you have finally put up your own small business here in Australia. However, you still have a lot to think about, including how to budget your limited funds for advertising and marketing.

Advertising can indeed be costly if you think of TV commercials, billboards, and social media ad campaign videos. But, as a start-up, you might want to consider maximising your creativity for your products or services instead to reach your target audience.

Traditional media is still cool

It is still worth considering tapping local daily advertising to capture your target market. You can work with a printing company in Australia and have your designs printed in colourful brochures, leaflets, or posters.

Having your advertisements printed is not only cheap, but it could also directly appeal to your audience as they could touch it and pass it to other people they know. For sure, a friend or two, or your relatives could help you come up with a catchy design if you do not know how to use a design software.

Gain online exposure even without spending

Yes, you can create product awareness online for free by asking an influential blogger to utilise some of your products and in return, make a review of it. If you are going to do this, make sure that the bloggers you will tap are related to your industry and have created a fan base due to their authority and credibility.

Another way for you to advertise your products is to make your own blog. There are lots of content management sites that offer free simple-to-use blog templates that you can use. When you are making your blog, it is important that you are honest in giving product details because there are laws that are enforced to ensure honest advertising practices.

Advertising for start-ups should not be expensive, as they only have a limited budget. Utilise your creativity and tap available resources for your audience to become aware of your products and services.