Advertiser Wants Clear Proof, Publishers Can’t Promise Ad Viewability

To see is to believe, as the old adage goes. When it comes to online advertising, the phrase can be a sensitive topic.

Advertisers and publishers are having a row regarding about the standards of online ad effectiveness. Advertisers want their ads to be easily viewable yet the industry is not ready to meet the requirements. This leads to publishers using their own methodologies which eventually yield glaring discrepancies.

Clients here and there demands standardization of gauging online ad’s effectiveness with view ability playing large role in the criteria.

General Manager of Audience on Demand, Chris Paul, says, “We’re starting to see the buyers apply the pressure and the sellers respond in kind, but the different methodologies for view ability are preventing us from agreeing on a standard for guarantees.”

He adds, “Without the standard, even the most compliant publishers run the risk of unpredictable swings in ad revenue depending on whose methodology or methodologies the advertiser adopts.”

Other publishers like are overhauling their portals so that online users can see every single impression. Others, however, have tried a different route and have started to reject buyers demanding for more concrete evidence.  Ultimately, they lose their business.