3 Easy Tips to Leave Your SEO Rankings Unharmed As You Rebrand

There comes a time when rebranding is the appropriate thing to do to stay competitive. Launching the rebranding campaign itself can seem terrifying, given the possibility of losing your SEO rankings that you have worked so hard to achieve.

You could work with a company offering SEO services such as Sievers Creative in MN to avoid that eventuality. Or you could try these three proven hacks.

1. Retain your original domain name

A good way to begin your rebranding is by trying as much as possible to retain your existing domain name. It’s the best way to keep the entire process simple and straightforward.

Understandably, this may be easier said than done if the rebranding includes a change of the company’s name. But if it doesn’t, then changing your domain name could damage your rankings.

2. Don’t change your existing content unless necessary

When you have to change your domain name, then at least try to retain your original content whenever possible. Even if you feel you need to have fresh content, try to keep it as close to your old information as possible.

The idea is to avoid losing your authority and authorship, which would adversely affect your rankings. Even maintaining little details like headers and fonts can help your SEO significantly.

3. Maintain the same URL structure

Assuming you changed your domain name, you’ll need to use redirects correctly to enhance user experience. Visitors to your old site need to be redirected to your new site.

By retaining the URL structure you used for your old site, you can make this process very simple. You only need redirect web pages from the old site to the same pages on your new site using a few lines of code.

Rebranding your company does not need to happen at the expense of your SEO rankings. By taking a few smart steps, you can ensure a smooth transition and still keep your SEO safe.