Yahoo! Will Shut Down AltaVista Search Site

Internet giant Yahoo!has announced that it will shut down pioneering search site AltaVista on July 8, 2013. Yahoo!owns the AltaVista technology, index, and company name, since it purchased the ad company Overture in 2003.

One of the first search engines

AltaVista was one of the first search engines to index significant amounts of content and proved to be hugely well-known before Google was launched.

Present owner Yahoo!detailedin a blogspot the latest round of services and products it plans to shut down.

After the shutdown, anyone searching for AltaVista site will be automatically redirected to the main Yahoo! search page.

AltaVista’s long gone popularity

AltaVista was once popular when it was launched in 1995, when search engines generally did a poor job logging details on the Internet’s fast growing population of websites. The search engine was known for its technology that indexed around 20 million webpages, far more than any rival back then. It created its own “crawler” technology that conducted the job of locating pages and indexing their content.

Search analyst Danny Saullivan eulogized AltaVista in a post, saying that the search engine was “loved” during its short life and popularity, and that it deserved a better goodbye than Yahoo was willing to give it.