Yahoo! Mulls Ads Based On Social Influence

Yahoo! recently filed a patent specifying how ad charges could be based on viewers’“social influence.”

High-Degree of Authority

The US company suggests that marketers could bid against one another to target viewers perceived to have a high degree of authority among their peers.

The company indicates charges could be based on the quantity of followers a user has on social network sites and the number of times they mentioned it in other posts.

One marketing expert said it could prove popular with the industry.

The patent for “social reputation ads” was published with the US Patent and Trademark Office in December 2011, but just recently approved.

Level of Social Influence

Yahoo! pointed out that marketers can currently identify where on a website their ads are located to help target a particular type of user.

The function of cookies, which monitors browsing habits, can also help them fine-tune their objective.

The patent aims totake this to the next level by identifying users with lower or higher than normal level over others.

According to Yahoo!, “the level of social influence may be based upon factors such as the number of followers of the user, the number of contacts of the user, and/or the title of the user.”