‘Wowing’ Your Audience: Creating Appealing Video Ads with Stock Footage

Videos serve as an effective advertising medium for businesses and organizations of all sizes. Many companies use videos to promote their products and services, and increase brand awareness. One of the best examples is the series of Old Spice commercials that have become viral on TV and the internet. The ads feature a ‘manly’ body wash, which viewers find surprisingly funny.

Producing a video of the same caliber as the Old Spice commercials can be challenging. The technical requirements alone require a generous advertising budget. In the ‘Questions’ ad, commercial actor and ex-NFL star Isaiah Mustafa moves through several activities and locations in one take. Video analysts and editors speculate that the producers used separate video shots or computer-generated graphics. Some parts of the commercial also seem to feature an enhanced background.

Creating a similar ad can be costly for many small business owners. This shouldn’t prevent you from searching for alternatives for your video marketing campaign, however. Using stock video clips can help you get almost a similar effect with the background. Your actor, for example, may need to transfer from one location to another. Looking for a relevant video clip that shows a suitable background can help achieve the visual effects you are aiming for.

Uncompromised Video Quality: Stock Videos for Commercial Ads

The stock video industry offers many options for business owners and marketers looking to create their own ad. A company can use stock footage to emphasize specific qualities of their product. They can also use clips to suggest a particular feel for the video. A rainy day effect can enhance the dramatic appeal of a commercial, for instance.

An average person’s attention span lasts eight seconds before it drops gradually. This makes it important to make a video that grabs the viewer’s attention as soon as it starts to play. Increase brand awareness and expand your presence among your target market with excellent footage.

You need to choose well-shot stock video footage that fits the image you want to project for your product. Check out sites that provide a wide selection of affordable videos that feature the scenes you need. This can help you find the right clips for your commercials without spending a large amount of money. This can also assist you achieve the response you want from your audience.