Why Companies Should Consider Landscape Designs for Outdoor Offices

An outdoor office could be the solution for companies that want to improve employee morale, boost productivity, and reduce absenteeism among workers.

This is possible by having a custom landscaping design for the immediate environment beyond the enclosed space in your building. If your business is in Wisconsin, you can find several companies offering commercial landscaping services in Madison. They can help you from installation to design selection.

Outdoor Benefits

A recent survey showed that 82% of respondents who work in a traditional office favored an outdoor workplace setting. The respondents also believe that it would enhance their mood, reduce stress, help in relaxation, improve health and wellness, and boost their happiness.

The most appropriate type of work for the outdoors involves tasks requiring creativity, such as advertising or marketing activities. Outdoor workplaces are not only beneficial for employees, but also for commercial property owners and managers. The National Association of Landscape Professionals said that commercial offices with great landscaping could have 7% higher leasing rates.

Cost of Design

The usual cost of hiring a professional landscape designer in the U.S. this year ranges from $2,017 to $6,787 for residential properties. You should expect the price for commercial properties to be a bit more expensive than this, which could possibly cost more than $12,000.

When choosing a designer, ask if they would charge a flat rate or by area. A design plan for a one-acre property may require you to spend more than $2,000, while flat rates may depend on the complexity and scope of the outdoor workplace.

Commercial real estate landlords should consider the benefits of adding outdoor workplaces to attract more tenants. Most businesses today want a unique option for their office environment, which is due to a changing preference among employees on how they spend their time at work.