What’s Hot and What’s Not: Trends in Car Audio

A car stereo has become the staple ever since Blaupunkt installed the very first audio in a Studebaker in 1932. As the popularity of compact discs continues to plummet, many fear that car audio would eventually fade into obscurity. Fortunately, car audio providers realized that the listening experience in a car is not affected by this decline. As people continue to drive, the desire to listen to music will always be present.

Here are some relatively new alterations to car audio listening experience:

iPod connectivity

Apple’s ingenious marketing techniques made the iPod a necessity when it comes to portable music players. The car audio industry adopted this trend by making most of their products integrated with complete iPod connectivity. With this feature, drivers can play music using their iPods through their car audio system. This setup maximizes the features of both a complete car audio system and an iPod. It allows you to use high quality car speakers along with your iPod instead of just simple earphones.

Mobile phone connectivity

Smartphones can now be integrated to car audio units, taking the listening experience to a higher, advanced level. Drivers can answer their phones or make calls completely hands-free. In addition to making music listening more enjoyable, this trend promotes safety. Many car audio manufacturers suggest this format due to its multifunctional feature.

Portable DVD installations

In-car DVD options keep passengers, especially children, entertained during long road tips. Buyers have several options for this additional car feature. If they’re not looking for a new car with initially built-in DVD players, they can look for a car audio shop capable of installing aftermarket DVD system in their cars. An easier option would be to simply pick up a portable DVD player from a local electronics warehouse store.

While portable DVDs may benefit the passengers more than the driver, some car owners, especially parents, attest that having one gives them a few minutes of relaxation while waiting and picking up their kids from school.