What Are Your Responsibilities as a Non-Custodial Parent?

Regardless of the child custody arrangement you and your ex have, your actions would naturally be limited to the specific conditions included in it. If the court names you the non-custodial parent, you’re probably wondering about your responsibilities. Here are some of them:

Always Keep Your Child’s Best Interests First

It’s up to you both to make sure that your child is well-adjusted to their new circumstances as much as possible. This means working together and ensuring that your home is safe and clean every time your child visits or stays with you.

Stick to the Visitation Schedule

This is particularly important if the court ordered the visitation schedule. If you can’t follow the visitation schedule, you need to talk it over with your ex to avoid getting into trouble with the court.

Pay your Child Support Obligation

Arrangements of child support could either be informal (set up by you and your ex) or formal (ordered by the court). Regardless of the nature of your arrangement, you should set up a system that will allow you to send payments easily and your ex to receive them conveniently.

You also need to keep copies of the payments in the form of receipts or check stubs. This is especially important if you pay for support payments directly from your salary, advises Law Office of Gordon N. Shayne and other child custody attorneys in Colorado Springs. Keeping proof of payments would also be useful if your ex accuses you of not sending payments.

Plan in Advance for Visits and Overnights

During visitations and overnights, you should strive to make your child feel “at-home” in your house. Make sure you stock up on your child’s favorite food and snacks and that you have fun and interesting activities to do or go to. When your child is sleeping over, make sure that their sleeping arrangement, whether in a separate room or a space in your room, is comfortable as can be.

Overall, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your child is safe and secure every time they stay with you. Of course, follow all the conditions and orders that the court ordered. It’s also critical to note that you could request the court to modify the child custody arrangement if you feel that it’s not working for you. However, you need to have good reasons for supporting your claim because the court might not agree to modify the arrangement if it deems that the current arrangement is working.