Ways You Can Inspect Your Ceiling Insulation

Insulations work as a means to reduce the temperature entering your home, so your heating or cooling devices do not consume too much energy. In colder season, for example, insulations could significantly lower your electricity bills.

If your home has insulation, you will be sure that you protect your family from harmful moulds and damps. You may consider regularly inspecting insulations in the ceiling because unlike the walls, it endures the most of the temperature from the roof outside.

It pays to check the ceiling insulations regularly

Pull that stepladder and inspect the hollow space between the ceiling and roof where you could find the insulations. If you do not have a headlamp used by insulation services providers such as Premier Insulation BOP, consider a light torch to the visor of your cap so you can freely utilise both hands.

Add another insulation layer if the current insulation thinner by 12cm or it already has gaps. Keep in mind that rodents, roof leaks, nesting birds, could damage insulations or lightings, and you may need to fix it first before you install new ones.

It is important that you provide gaps between insulations and heat sources to avoid incidents of fire. The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) has provided safety gap details for insulations.

Ways you can inspect insulations safely

Inspecting insulations could be a challenge if this is your first time. It is important that you plan everything before your first move. Consider turning off the main power supply before you climb the ceiling. Make sure you wear safety gear, including gloves, to protect you from electrocution.

Do not touch an exposed electrical wiring, instead notify your electrician if you do not know how to fix it. The government highly recommend that you seek professional help if you are unsure how to inspect your ceiling insulations.

Checking ceiling insulations regularly could help your home become more comfortable. Though inspections could be easy for some people, it could be safer to hire a professional insulation inspector if you are not confident of doing it yourself.