VPN: Why You Need It, When You Need It

When a company needs encrypted connections over a network that is not secure, it typically turns to the technology known as VPN or virtual private network. A VPN is several computers or discrete networks grouped together over a public network, which is the Internet.

If you are not using a VPN yet, you should give it some serious thought. Here are some pieces of basic information on the subject.

Why a VPN matters

secure virtual private network service is important because it protects your computer’s connection to the Internet, guaranteeing that whatever you send or receive (data) goes through encryption, and that it is only available to you and whoever you are sending it to.

Who uses a VPN?

Many employees and students use a VPN to access resources on a network while they are using a device not physically connected to their network. This is what usually happens when you access a work database while you are at home or at a coffee shop.

People who download files like movies and music can do so safely when they use a VPN. If you like “torrents,” the only real security you can count on is the one that a VPN provides. If you like watching TV shows or using a web service that is not available in the country you are in, a VPN allows you to keep doing it wherever you are.

The primary concern among many VPN users is that someone may be accessing their files or trying to get into their network or computer to read or steal information. A VPN provides peace of mind, as encryption is still the best way to protect a computer or a network.

If you are a company owner or manager, and your company is still not using a VPN service, it may be long past due. You and your customers expect your files, conversations, transactions, and other online activity to be secure. With a VPN, you can take comfort in the fact that they are.