Top 3 Window Maintenance Tips You Should Know

Windows are some of the most critical components of your house. They allow fresh air into your stuffy rooms. They also allow natural light into the house during the day, so you don’t have to spend cash on energy bills. A crystal clear window boosts the appearance of your home making it a paradise to marvel at with every glimpse.

Furthermore, your friends and colleagues might take the state of your windows to be a reflection of your hygiene. Below are some of the window maintenance tips every homeowner needs to embrace.

1. Regular inspection.

For you to boost the life of the windows of your house, call a cleaning company like for time interval inspections says, how stuff works. Let them check on broken window seals, peeling paintwork, weakened glasses’ etcetera. They will also repair and replace the parts early before the damage become too costly.

2. Clean them regularly.

Regular cleaning helps remove stains, debris, and dirt from your windows. Moreover, it prevents rotting, as well as the build-up of mold and mildew. For dust and debris, you can use a soft but dry brush to wipe them off. For permanent marks, such as stains and rot, use plenty of water and soap. Thoroughly wash them using a clean piece of cloth or soft brush. Then, rinse with plenty of clean water and allow time for them to air dry.

3. Lubricate trucks and joints.

Due to constant opening and closing, windows are subject to wear and tear at the joints, especially the metallic ones. You are advised to lubricate the windows every time you feel it hard to push or pull while opening and closing respectively. Always keep them closing and opening smoothly, and you won’t feel the pinch of spending on repairs often.

Windows are expensive, so you will want to get the best value and experience out of them at less or no extra costs. The tips mentioned can help you with that.