Tips to Prepare Your Home for an Elderly Parent

Taking care of an elderly parent can be one of the most emotionally challenging and draining experiences in life. Even if you want to keep living your own life, sometimes it feels like an obligation to help aging parents, as they grow older and encounter more challenges.

While assisted living facilities and nursing homes are a good option, many elderly patients still want to spend their days living in their own homes—that is, without being a burden to their children. Here are some tips to prepare your home for the arrival and stay of an elderly parent:

Hire Experts

Hire a home help or home care worker—a knowledgeable expert can assist you with daily tasks associated with caring for your parent. Rather than moving into a long-term care facility, consult with companies that provide home care services. This is a brilliant choice for you if you need a professional to oversee your daily responsibilities. Some agencies even come up with a customised plan to meet your parent’s individual needs.

Remove Hazards

In a report by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, accidental falls are a significant issue with ageing; 4% of elderly people aged 75 years and above reported an injury from falls. In fact, the death rate of elderly people who suffer from accidental falls is much higher than the death rate of younger age groups.

With this, you might want to consider consulting builders to make structural changes in your home. You might also want to put anti-scald devices in your showers and faucets to protect the thinning skin of your elderly parents.

Prepare Yourself

Paying for services, as well as a number of medications and treatments can be a burden, especially if you are not financially prepared, so it is important to save up, as your parents grow older. Emotionally, you also have to accept that everything has changed and the world has turned upside down.

Taking care of an elderly parent is a difficult task, but during this stage, your parent will express their affection to you more or better than before—so it is important to give back by taking care of them and showering them with all the love you can give.