Tips for a Cost-Effective Corporate Relocation

Relocating an office or business isn’t the same as moving houses. You have to consider a lot more factors, including tight project deadlines. Once you start moving, every day you spend in it means a day you’re not making money. So you want to do it quickly but efficiently, and at the lowest possible cost.

This is a challenge, especially if you’re moving to another state. But national moving and storage companies like Colonial Van Lines can help you do that. Here are some tips for a cost-effective corporate relocation.

Get Moving Quotes

You can expect to pay a hefty sum for your moving and storage needs, but you have to find out just how hefty. Send out requests for quotes from moving companies a few months before your planned move. Depending on the size of your office, it may take several days for them to get all the information they need. It may take upwards of a week to get a quote.

Consider Other Costs

Make sure you include professional packing and storage fees in your quote requests to get a comprehensive idea of your moving budget. You should also check if your insurance includes corporate relocations. That would be a big help. You should also get quotes for waste management and cleaning services if your old lease contract requires you to make good on the building. Failing to do so may mean forfeiture of your security deposit.

Involve Your Employees

You can save some money by using in-house talent. Get your employees to pack up their things. For medium-sized offices, you’ll need to coordinate with each department head to pack and label office furniture, machines, and anything for common use. Establish a timeline for the move, and make sure everybody knows when to start packing up. You might also want to assign one person to collate, canvass, and buy all the packing supplies. You may be able to get big discounts for bulk orders.

Many companies would choose to have national moving and storage companies take care of everything. Professional movers and packers can do it faster and better than most people can. However, if you have a small budget, these tips can help you save some money without delaying your move too much.