The Evolution of Home Security

These days, digital alarm systems have the capacity to notify residents if someone is trying to get into their home even if they are at work. There are even automated technologies that give people the option to view real-time feed, adjust the thermostat or disarm the security without physically being there. They can also choose to alter or get additional features from companies such as Zanden Mount Lock & Key Service.

Home security has reached revolutionary heights, but how did it all begin? Did your ancestors set up traps in front of their homes just to get rid of burglars? Did they use guard dogs just to scare unwanted visitors away?

The Birth of Residential Security Systems

The moment World War I ceased, crimes began to increase. The growing crime rates drove people into enhancing their security needs. They tried to find ways to protect themselves as well as their property. That was also when insurance companies provided premium discounts for alarm subscribers. This sparked the high consumer demand for alarm systems.

One mode of security back then was called door shakers. This involved a group of night watchmen who went to each of the subscriber’s doors at night and tried to open their locked doors. Meanwhile, more advanced users went for an alarm system that utilised electromagnetic contacts stuck to doors and windows linked to a bell and battery. This kind of system was monitored by a central station that would send a guard to the home every time the alarm goes off.

The Evolution of Video Surveillance

Fast forward to 1970 when video surveillance was finally considered a security precaution for homes. The early model involved a large motorised camera that can move down a track to show the exterior of a house through four peepholes in the front door. The video camera would send grainy images to a television monitor that also functions as the control panel where the resident can control the movement of the camera.

You see, technology has gone a long way not only in making people’s lives comfortable but also in protecting them and their property.