The Real Deal with Apps: How Huge is the Mobile App Market?

The world has come to a point where we can all turn to our smartphones when we need something. There are even voice-operated functions we can depend on should we need directions to the nearest coffee shop. We have reached the time where Apple’s tag line, “there’s an app for that” rings true in almost every aspect.

The premise makes many wonder: just how large is the mobile app market?

The Global Figures

The mobile market continues to show signs of expansion, as smartphones and tablets make their way into the hands of more people.

Forecasts show that 2015 will be the year where the population will buy 1 billion smartphones. The figure is twice the expected sales of the PC, but the growth does not stop there. Experts predict the world will have a total of 10 billion Internet-ready mobile devices come 2016. The following year, the industry would have grown to a USD 77 billion industry.

App revenues will continue to soar, too. From earning USD 11.4 billion this year, the app market’s profits will swell to USD 24.5 billion by 2016.

Zoning In on Australia

In the mobile app market, Australia is definitely no laggard. IBIS World reports that the local industry has experienced an impressive 85.2% growth since 2009, thus propelling the craft to be an AUD 392 million sector. No matter how you spin it, this figure is remarkable., a custom mobile app developer in Perth, says the same factors influenced the massive growth of the field. Smartphone penetration continues to hit record high almost every year, which expands the market even more. On top of this, connectivity remains strong in major areas of the country and the rest of the world, which increased the demand for more apps.

This, however, is not the only indicator of Australia’s dominance in mobile apps. Reports show that Australia’s tech industry in general has generated a lot of jobs – app developers, most especially. As far as reports go, the Land Down Under has passed the US and the UK in terms of job figures – thanks to the contribution of the mobile app market.

With what the figures tell us, mobile apps will continue to play an important role in everyday life. As smartphones and the Internet become more central in the public’s lives, the need for more powerful phones and more useful apps will strengthen – and that’s good news for the industry.