On Toons and Anime: The Power of Animation in Marketing

Looking at the outline of the animation industry, it’s easy to say that all works aim to do one thing: entertain. In case you’ve seen Fantasmagorie, a French animated film by Emile Cohl, you will be amazed at how much the industry has changed. Many film historians consider this work as the first animated cartoon. It was a breakthrough that inspired artists to come up with their own versions of moving figures. Since then, this discipline of moving art is experiencing extremely new heights.

Other than the advancement in terms of development and creation, animation has also progressed when it comes to purpose. It’s not only used in entertainment, but also in conveying marketing messages. From making clay figures move to computer-generated images, you’ll find that this art has entered the marketing and advertising industry. Testament to this great leap is the presence of brand ambassadors, like Chester Cheetah and the existence of different online providers that allow artists to download items that will complete their project, like downloadable animated backgrounds.

If you wonder why marketers and advertisers choose cartoons over real actors, below are some of the obvious reasons.

Animated Characters Can Do What Real Actors Can’t

Physical laws in the world of animation are practically non-existent. This gives advertising creative teams and animators a chance to depict scenes a typical camera cannot capture. For instance, if your advertisement requires the character to fly, you won’t need to rent a special camera, harness, and stunt men. Just let the artist draw the scenario and let the computer do its magic.

It’s Obviously More Affordable

Contrary to the belief of many, animation is more cost-effective than real-life production. With animation, you will only have to employ a small group of artists or freelancers. There’s no need to scout for a location and choose the actors. It’s also significantly more inexpensive to download animated backdrops than design a set.

Content is Highly Shareable

Customers, whether old or young, are always interested in animated content. This makes animated collaterals shareable. Social media also makes it easy for everyone to distribute such content.

Videos are always a great way to come up with thought-provoking campaigns. Animated videos, on the other hand, can double what a typical video can do. You will just have to hire talented artists and distribute the content through the right media.