Then and Now: The Evolution of Filmmaking

Films are among the leading sources of entertainment around the world. As far as filmmakers are concerned, creating such works of art isn’t easy. Fortunately, advances in technology are helping them make this process faster and easier. Here’s a look at the evolution of filmmaking:

Film Camera to DSLR

Filmmakers in the past needed to prepare bulky cameras and buy rolls of reel magnetic tape before they could start shooting a scene. Although many still prefer using bulky cameras, the high quality video-recording features of DSLR cameras are making it possible to shoot even for an amateur. Even students can use DSLR cameras as their first tools in filmmaking. Thanks to this, the independent film market is continuously rising.

Rig Equipment to Aerial Drones

An aerial shot is impossible without the help of a helicopter or a big, costly rig. Filmmakers need to record the video manually, which puts them at risk of falling. DSLR Pros says these aren’t as necessary anymore, as anybody can create cinematic aerial shots with a drone. All you need is to mount a camera, and then navigate the drone with a remote controller.

Word-processing Software to Scriptwriting Software

People assigned to write, edit, and review scripts used to rely on word-processing software – or even typewriters – to create their storyline. They had to type the setting, characters, and other important information along with the actors’ lines, which can be confusing. At present, free and paid scriptwriting software is available to help scriptwriters. These have detailed features that make the writing and editing process organized.

Traditional to Advanced Video Editing

In the past, filmmakers only cut and taped together the film to make a scene complete. They used creative props to make their film believable and that was about it. Now, video-editing software allows filmmakers to use filters and effects to make their scenes and title sequences artistic.

As technology continues to evolve, films are becoming easier to make. If you’re an aspiring filmmaker, you should take this opportunity to use today’s devices to help you through every step.