New York Ranks 4th in Terms of Lowest Divorce Rate

A divorce agreement being signedDivorce lawyers in Long Island such as The Law Offices of Ian S. Mednick, P.C. and other parts of New York State may have catered to 12.8 clients per 1,000 married couples in 2016, according to Census Bureau data.

With a population of 19.8 million people, the state’s divorce rate ranked the fourth lowest in the U.S. Salaries played a crucial role in maintaining a stable marriage, as the annual median household income amounts to $62,909. The national median salary in the U.S. amounts to $57,617 per year.

Broken Contracts

While New York has a low divorce rate, its marriage rate also ranked the 10th lowest nationwide as well with 12.5 people per 1,000 Americans. The required costs to tie the knot may be a factor. Those who plan a wedding should expect to pay at $37,000 on average for various expenses, according to census data.

The data did not specifically provide any reason behind the low divorce rates in New York. However, some experts have cited alimony laws in the state. Those who wish to avoid it may likely prefer to stay married than file for divorce.

More than one-third of the state population, or an estimated 7.58 million New Yorkers, have spouses.

Other States

While New York laws make divorce an undesirable option, the environment in Massachusetts may be the reason behind the state’s divorce rate. Only 12.3 people for every 1,000 married couples divorced in 2016, which was the lowest in the country.

In Hawaii, the marriage rate trumped the number of divorces. Sunny beaches, a low unemployment rate and an annual median income of $74,511 could be among the factors for the second lowest divorce rate in the U.S.


Divorce may be more or less expensive depending on your situation. A good lawyer should be your priority in case you are unable to save the marriage.