New Home Blues: 3 Ways to Relieve Homesickness after Moving

Moving to a new home in California presents a lot of exciting opportunities, but at the same time, it can bring about pangs of homesickness. The feeling is sometimes overpowering that it leaves you wanting so bad to go back to your old place. How do you deal with this? Here are some ways to cope:

Make the New Familiar

Sometimes, it’s the unfamiliarity of the place that makes you long for the old house. So a good idea here is to feature some elements in your old home in your new space. If you’ll be taking with you things that have sentimental value, leave it to moving companies in Corona that are skilled in handling fragile items and furniture.

Try to get into your normal routine as well. If you have the tradition of baking cookies every Wednesday night, do that in your new place. Over time, this new environment becomes familiar to you.

Pin Down Nostalgia

A lot of times, it’s the overwhelming pressure to adjust fast to the new environment that makes you want to go back to the old home. So, acknowledge the nostalgia; don’t dismiss it. Pin down what you’re actually missing in your old home.

Once you accept what you’re missing, you can take actionable steps towards overcoming it. For instance, if it’s the friends, you can very well cure that longing with a video chat session with them, giving them a virtual tour of your new space.

Create New Connections

Don’t get stuck with the past though. While it’s okay to maintain old habits, it’s also good to try new ones, and it starts with building a new social network. Avoid isolating yourself; it will just leave you overthinking about and nursing your homesickness. Instead, go out.

Reach out to your neighbors. Go to nearby restaurants and cafes. Shop at local supermarkets. Volunteer in community projects. You’ll feel a little bit more at home when you’re confident in your new environment.

Homesickness is a natural feeling when you move to a new place. But remember, once you’re done acknowledging this feeling, it’s time to embrace the reality: this is your new home.