Mosquito Bites: A Thing Of The Past?

At the American Chemical Society in Indianapolis, scientists announced that a naturally occuring substance in humans could possibly serve as an “invisibility cloak” to repel mosquitoes.

The discovery

At the 246th National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society, Ulrich Bernier, Ph.D.,gave a speech about the discovery of certain natural human compounds that can stop a mosquito from smelling and locating its target victim.

“We are exploring a different approach, with substances that impair the mosquito’s sense of smell. If a mosquito can’t sense that dinner is ready, there will be no buzzing, no landing, and no bite,” Bernier explained.

The results

It turns out that the main lure of mosquitoes is lactic acid and the repellent is a set of chemical compounds, including 1-methylpiperzine. 1-methylpiperzine can block a mosquito’s ability to smell.

These findings could save a lot of lives. According to ACS, mosquitoes spread malaria and other deadly diseases that kill approximately 1 million people annually.