Make Your Child’s School Uniform Last Longer

Children are definitely more active than adults. Their everyday wear should be a little hardier than what grown-ups would have. This is especially true with their school uniforms, since a lot of their daily activities happen within the school walls.

School uniforms experience more wear and tear, so you must also do some extra care for them. Perm-A-Pleat shares the following tips in keeping your little one’s school outfits better for longer:

1) Wash with cold water

Unless there are heavy stains involved, clothes would still last longer if they were washed in cold or tepid water. Hot water can cause some fabrics to shrink and in some cases, even cause them to fray. Hot water can also make coloured items fade faster. It is also worth mentioning that washing clothes in cold water can save energy.

2) Avoid overstuffing the wash

It is very tempting to just wait until the last minute to wash all the uniforms that you need in just one load. An overloaded washing machine, however, can cause fraying due to cloth rubbing against each other. Try to schedule your laundry washing throughout the week and practice segregating your clothes. Wash heavier materials separately from more delicate clothing.

3) Regularly check the uniforms

See if there are any loose threads or rips since these can eventually become tears that are irreparable if ignored. You may want to check how sturdy the stitches and the cloth are once you have the uniforms. Even before you take your child’s uniform home, make sure that everything is in order. Certain school uniform alterations can protect your child against skin cancer.

These are very simple tips that can keep your uniforms in the best shape for the longest possible time. Of course, don’t forget to remind your little ones to also take care of their school uniforms.