Make Pool Maintenance a Requirement

A pool is something you share with your family and friends. You need to properly maintain it on a regular basis to ensure that your pool stays in good condition for years. If you need professional help, there are service providers in Rockwall who are experts in pool service. Here are some pool maintenance tips that these professionals recommend homeowners to practice regularly:

Skim debris on a daily basis

Leaves and other floating debris will sink in a few days, and this could make them tough to remove. Use a net with a long handle to remove these unwanted objects on your pool’s surface. This will improve the pool’s circulation and decrease the amount of chlorine in the pool. More so, emptying the strainer basket once a week will give the same effect to your pool.
You could also scrub the sides of the pool to prevent algae build-up. Soak a piece of cloth in chlorine and let it sit on the stubborn dirt for a few hours. Scrub it until the algae is gone. Do this every other week.

Monitor the pool’s pH level

Test your pool water regularly to ensure that it is clean and safe. Use reagent kits or test-strips to measure the water’s alkalinity or acidity. A pH level between 7.2 and 7.8 is considered safe for swimmers.

Backwash your pool

Once a month, clean your pool’s pipes. Set your filter system to backwash then switch on the pump to clean the pipes of dirt and other debris. Wait until clear water comes out. In addition, clean your filter basket once a week. Turn off the filter then remove the filter cap. Scoop up the filter basket then remove the impurities. Take note that you should clean the filter only when needed. Cleaning it more than what is required will impede the filtration process.

Shock your pool when necessary

When water in your pool looks murky or cloudy, it indicates the presence of bacteria. Increase the pool’s chlorine level to kill the bacteria and eliminate any foul odor. Some pools require shocking once a week or twice every season. But take note that overdoing it can cause damage to your pool siding.
To achieve positive results in maintaining your pool, follow the instructions that come with it. Better still, seek the assistance of the experts.