Kitchen Killers: How Your Kitchen Can Kill You

The kitchen is undoubtedly the most dangerous place anyone can be, especially with all blades and fire hazards in close proximity to each other. It’s a good thing that accidents don’t happen more often than they do. People have learned to be more careful whenever they’re in their kitchen, but simple care isn’t enough to ensure safety.

The Duct is on Fire

When people say cleanliness is the secret to living longer they’re not exaggerating, kitchen extract duct cleaning is an excellent example of this point. Oils, grease and fumes are trapped in kitchen ducts and collect over time, if whoever’s in charge of the kitchen doesn’t do anything about it they’ll be sitting under a gas bomb waiting to happen.

Kitchen explosions are such a common and specialised occurrence that normal tools for firefighting aren’t enough. Fire extinguishers have special classifications according to what kind of fires they can quench. The K-class fire extinguisher is specially designed to fight fires that feed off oils and grease commonly found in kitchens. In fact, the K in K-class stands for Kitchen, which means it’s the only class equipped to deal with such blazes.

Containment Duct

Preventing fires isn’t the only way people can avoid a violent and horrible death in the kitchen. The primary reason cleanliness is encouraged is to minimise the propagation of viruses, specifically the mixing of viruses.

The most dangerous diseases of the modern era came from viruses that developed by transferring from one organism to another. The movie Contagion demonstrated that point with terrifying clarity. If people don’t take cleaning their kitchen areas seriously, it can become the breeding ground for the next AH1N1 virus or some other form of disease man is yet to encounter.

Reading back, this sounds a lot like an alarmist post intended to scare people into being neat freaks, but that isn’t the case. Both kitchen fires and viruses are real dangers people face every day when they neglect to care for their kitchen spaces. The only reason it sounds alarmist is that it hasn’t happened to you yet.

The point of this is post is to keep that from happening, clean your kitchen, that’s where you cook food, for goodness sake.