IT Strategies for Dealing with Common Cyber Threats

The world has become a global village thanks to the Internet. Every business that is serious about making profits has an online platform. With the exposure and increased revenue you stand to gain from an online platform, you are also vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Having an online platform is unavoidable so having strategies to protect you from cyber attacks is the efficient course of action. Hiring a company that provides IT services in Texas to handle your online security is the ideal way to ensure your online safety. Here are some tactics this company will use in dealing with common types of cyber threats.


This is a code with malicious intent introduced via emails, operating system vulnerabilities or software downloads. It destroys or steals data from your computer or entirely shuts down the network. Using robust and frequently updated firewalls and regular security updates of your computer operating systems protect you from malware.


These attacks are sent through email and require the user to enter some personal data which is then used to steal their information. At times all it takes to get personal data is a click on the link. Encrypting all company information, deploying Web filters, blocking specific sites and employees training are some of the efficient ways of preventing phishing.

Denial-Of-Service Attacks

DoS attacks involve hackers sending massive data volumes to your network which overload and shut it down. In some instances, it prevents clients from accessing your services for a few hours leading to significant revenue loss. Constant security monitoring and regular software updates will promptly identify and stop DoS attacks.

Cybersecurity is not a one-off venture. It requires constant updates and monitoring of your system to keep you and your online clients safe. Getting a company offering various IT solutions can be a cost-effective way of protecting your company and accessing IT support throughout instead of running an in-house IT department.