Is Your Granny Flat Comfortable for the Elderly? Make These Changes

Your modern home in Perth is where you spend time with the family and relax after a day’s work. However, not everyone might be able to enjoy your home. For the elderly, a modern home might be very intimidating, so building a granny flat for them might be a good idea. Make sure the flat you construct for them is optimised for ease of use.


As you age, your body becomes slower; it is more difficult to move from one place to another. The simple task of standing can be agonising for the elderly who have a weakened bone structure or sore joints.

Put rails on places where they need to stand or move around. Consider placing slip-proof mats and railings in the bathroom, the kitchen and the hallways.


No matter the quality, a granny flat will not be pleasing for the elderly without a sufficient number of accessible ramps. Even if they are capable of walking up short flights of stairs, elderly people will sometimes need the assistance of either crutches or a wheelchair.

Do consider putting at least one accessible ramp close to the entrance of the house. Remember to include handrails as well.


The elderly will still be quite used to the simpler pleasures of their generation. According to granny flat builders, Perth flat designs include a full kitchen and living area. Make sure these places have easy to operate light switches and temperature control settings.

Though it is easy to navigate touch screens, the elderly should not have to worry about display screens that are hard to understand.

Your elderly family members have gone through quite a lot and would appreciate feeling comfortable in their latter years. Don’t forget to consult with your chosen granny flat builders in Perth for additional suggestions that make your family members comfortable in their new home.