How to Keep Your Home Safe from Fire

Fires can start anywhere, including in the safest place you know: your home. Many factors can cause this problem, including smoking, cooking equipment, faulty wiring and candles, among many. And when it blazes, fire damage restoration can cost thousands of dollars.

But like most problems at home, you can prevent fires from happening. Here’s what you can do.

Consult a trusted electrician

We tend to provide a remedy to a faulty wire, such as applying electrical tape on it. You need to have these wirings, however, inspected professionally.

It’s important therefore to have the number of a trusted residential electrician in Wellington such as Adam Tulloch on hand to have your electrical wirings checked regularly. Also, ask your electrician about the capacity of your electrical system to avoid overloaded circuits.

If you’re planning to use surge protectors, understand the type and number of devices you can plug in.

Eyes wide open in the kitchen

Fires can start from the kitchen because of unattended items on the stove, defective equipment and carelessness. While cooking, make sure to keep an eye on your pots and pans always. Clean your oven and stove too because grease and stuck food items can cause a fire to ignite.

Experts also recommend having a fire extinguisher nearby for unexpected fire build-up, but it’ll be to your advantage if you learn how to extinguish grease or pan fire on your own.

Install smoke alarms in proper places

Smoke alarms can help prevent fires from escalating, but they will only work if put in appropriate places. Make sure that these warnings can be found on each level of your home, especially in the bedroom, and keep them away from doors, ducts and windows due to the wind factor.

Don’t forget to have your alarms tested monthly to ensure that they’re working properly.

Follow these suggestions, and you greatly minimise the risks of fire. All you need is a little vigilance.