How to Advertise Your Business Using Twitter

Twitter is a micro-blogging website with millions of users worldwide. With this population, reaching at least a part of them can boost promotional efforts for your products and services. It’s an effective marketing strategy for those who lack funds to pay for costly advertisements. Twitter can reach the same number of audiences that television, radio, and print advertisements reach as long as the strategies are correct. This is why SEO services for small business start-ups are popular nowadays.

Here’s how you can use Twitter to advertise your business:

Promoted Tweets

These are like floating tweets that appear on every user’s timeline even if they’re not following the account. Businesses use this to promote promos and industry events, such as conferences, trade shows, and meetings. This gives them the opportunity to invite people to attend and participate. Mentioning the company or people involved also adds exposure.

Hashtag Popularity

Hashtags are the new trendsetters on the web. When people want to talk about food, they’ll use a specific hashtag like #ChocolateCake or a generic hashtag like #cake. These increase the visibility of your posts because Twitter gathers all tweets according to categories. These also reach people who are truly interested in your products and services, making posts all the more effective.

Seasonal Events

Many people expect some kind of marketing strategy whenever the season changes or when special occasions take place. For instance, some businesses give away special edition items to their loyal customers during the summer season. End-of-year sales and promos are also common because of Christmas and New Year. Posting a greeting tweet along with a product or service can generate into a sale if users realize that they need it for that specific event.

SEO for small businesses can be more effective if you use social media sites like Twitter. This platform gives good results to your marketing efforts without the high cost.