How Skiing Affects the Health

Skiing in Vail

One recreational activity to brighten up your day during winter is skiing. Apart from being a winter sport, it has many great health benefits too.

Here are some reasons skiing is good for the overall wellness:

Skiing promotes cardiovascular endurance

Walking up the slope is similar to an aerobic endurance activity which is good for the heart and the lungs. It promotes better circulation of oxygen which is beneficial to the cardio-respiratory system.

It strengthens one’s flexibility

Skiing requires a flexible body. It is important that you maintain your balance as you hit the slopes. Regular exercise like stretching can help strengthen your abdomen and lower limbs. In this way, you improve your flexibility and you avoid muscle sores. Furthermore, being flexible helps you ward off slips and falls.

It helps develop core stability

As you balance yourself, your trunk muscles become stronger. Your spine becomes stable and you develop body coordination; hence, you stay balanced. And of course, most rewarding is a flat abdomen that you can be proud of.

It helps lose weight

Fitness experts attest that a day’s skiing can burn more calories than a day’s workout in the gym. This is because you work harder as you go through a steep slope. You use more muscle power to keep your balance. In the process, you burn more calories which lead to weight loss. Should you like to try skiing, you may want to shop for clothes in Vail. There are various ski clothing shops that offer the best buy.

It helps maintain one’s proprioception

As you age, the ability to sense movements and positions weaken. Skiing is one activity that requires the ability to balance and coordinate body movements. The gliding up and down the slopes helps one maintain and improve his or her proprioceptive strength. Furthermore, the activity helps strengthen bones and joints, thus, preventing osteoporosis and other related diseases.

Don’t let the cold weather dampen your mood. Engage yourself in activities to warm you up. Just make sure to wear the proper clothing and protective gears to prevent injury.