Google Buys ‘Elements’ Of Game Controller Firm Green Throttle Games

Search engine giant Google has acquired much of gaming peripheral company Green Throttle Games for an undisclosed amount.


Google confirmed to the BBC that they had bought “elements” of the company, but did not purchase the firm outright. Part of the deal includes two of the peripheral company’s co-founders, Karl Townsend and Matt Crowley, joining the search engine giant.

The California-based Green Throttle Games recently produced a game controller that improves the gaming experience on smartphones and tablets. The device connects to mobile gadgets using Bluetooth, which has improved control precision as compared to the absence of physical buttons on smart devices.

New set-top TV box?

The recent acquisition has sparked rumors that Google would soon produce their own set-top TV box, a device that would compete with Apple TV and Amazon’s upcoming box.

Experts see Google’s move as another attempt to improve their standing in the market, as their previous tie-ups with Sony proved ineffective and the Nexus Q device not being released.