Fireplace Makeover: Sprucing Up the Look of Your Aged Fireplace

Fireplaces serve as a great focal point to a room, as it easily draws the eyes of your guests. If a fireplace becomes outdated, however, it can age a room and take away the charming appeal of your home. Fortunately, you can give your fireplace a makeover to make it look brand new again.

Uintah Gas Fireplaces shares some ways to spruce up outdated fireplaces.

Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint

One of the fastest and most transformative things you can do to your old fireplace is to paint it. A new coat of paint will give a dull-looking brick surface, for instance, a modern and fresh look. If you want to add more personality to a room, use black or other bold colors for your fireplace.

Whitewash the Bricks

If you have a brick fireplace that looks plain and old, you can change its look by whitewashing it. Although whitewashing can make your fireplace appear a little more rustic or natural, it can give you a more updated look than traditional brown or red brick. Plus, it’s a simple home improvement project that you can do inexpensively.

Incorporate a Textural Element

Another good option is to give your fireplace a custom look with a textural element, such as tile, stone, brick, or reclaimed wood. Any of these materials can add character to your old fireplace.

Switch Out the Mantel

Sometimes, you don’t need to overhaul the look of the whole fireplace to give it a fresh appearance. Switching out your mantel with a new one can make a huge difference. If you want a high-quality mantel, make sure to purchase it from reputable fireplace companies.

Painting your fireplace, whitewashing the bricks, adding a textural element, and installing a new mantel are great ways to breathe new life to your old fireplace. With these suggestions, you’ll be able to impress your guests by showing off your restored fireplace.