Facebook App Collects Your Number Without Permission

Facebook has been accidentally collecting contact numbers belonging to users who download the site’s Android app even if they are not members of the social networking site.

A technical flaw

The bug was reported by a security software provider and has been confirmed by Facebook, which highlighted that the issue will be solved in the forthcoming version of the Android app.

A spokesman of Facebook said the company believes it is a technical problem which was launched in February only this year.

The buggy Facebook app

Symantec, the software company, announced in a blog post that its mobile security software which searches for apps that could possibly pose privacy risks, discovered that Facebook’s app had been “leaking” the contact number of Android gadgets on which it was installed.

A spokesman of Symantec said that any Android smartphone running the buggy Facebook application was affected by the technical problem and could have had its contact number uploaded to Facebook’s servers.

Facebook’s spokesman clarified that the social networking site did not “use or process the numbers in any way,” and said they already had been deleted from Facebook’s servers.