Facebook Aiming At Grabbing More User Attention

Facebook is aiming at getting more of the 7 billion people from the world online. Its strategy towards achieving this aim is via a partnership with Samsung, Nokia and other big mobile technology companies.

The Internet.org Partnership

On Wednesday, Facebook Inc. announced a partnership called as Internet.org which it says it has started with the objective to ‘make internet access available to the two-thirds of the world who are not yet connected’.

Facebook issued a statement mentioning that via Internet.org it hopes to enable the next 4 billion people residing globally to come online. The means by which the social network giant is endeavoring to bring this about is by cutting costs and amount of data needed for apps.

Starting new business models, developing cheaper smartphones and more efficient use of mobile data are some other proposed strategies in this direction.

This move by Facebook is an extension of what the company has already been doing since 2011 through the ‘Facebook For Every Phone’ app.